Happy face math – CHEAT SHEET

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You might have seen this before, it seems to have made its way around the internet. It’s called Charlie Smith’s Happy Face Math:

Cheat Sheet:

First Column:

  • 1st one is the inverse (ie, upside down)
  • 2nd one is being squared (hence the square)
  • 3rd one is being cubed (hence the cube)
  • 4th one is supremum, but you read it as “soup“, hence the soup 😀
  • 5th one is the partial differential operator, hence the “part of a face”
  • 6th one is sine function, read as “sine”, which rhymes with “sign“, hence the sign

Second Column:

  • 1st one is the “real part” of a number/function, hence, there is no imaginary part. For example, Re( a + bi ) = a. Thus, you remove the i’s.
  • 2nd one is imaginary part. Im( a + bi ) = b. In this case, you only keep the i’s.
  • 3rd one is  the curl, hence the curly hair. 😀
  • 4th one is  the gradient function, read as “grad“, hence the smiley face looking like he just graduated from school. 😀
  • 5th one is the log function, hence the smiley face on a “log” (tree thingy)

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