Shitload Of Math Due Monday, Students Say

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OLD BRIDGE, NJ—In what many are calling a complete bullshit move, Riverside High School algebra teacher Mrs. Trella, 34, assigned her sixth-period class an assload of math homework due Monday.

The homework, which included a number of impossible to solve word problems, several stupid equations, and a bunch of other pointless crap, was assigned at the end of class on Friday. According to sources, Trella handed out the homework at approximately 2:43 p.m., even though it was a completely unfair thing to do and would totally screw over everyone’s weekend.

“She assigned it right before the bell rang,” said ninth-grader Kenny Riley, who claimed that the last thing he needed was to spend all day Sunday looking at some retarded math book. “I was packing up my stuff to go when Mrs. Trella comes out of nowhere and gives us, like, four huge pages of work to take home.”

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  1. lolol. Glad I looked at the ‘read more’ and it linked to the onion page. I dunno, maybe this mighta been printed in a school newspaper, but a legit one there’s no way.

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