Automatic tip calculator

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They will use the money from tips to get their employees math lessons.

6 thoughts on “Automatic tip calculator”

  1. I don’t think the employees programmed the cash register or credit card machine that generated this.

    Anyway, I wonder if they are attempting to calculate the tip on the sub-total plus tax? Trouble is, that would mean tax was something like 40%. Maybe they meant to use 4%?

  2. The tips seem to be calculated against $27.67 which is about 30% more than the printed total. It could be the case that there was a happy hour special or some other discount, and the tip was calculated prior to that discount.

  3. They’re all about 7/5 higher than they should be. (28.5% instead of 20%, 25.6% instead of 18, 21.4% instead of 15%).
    … They’re dividing by 70, but fuck knows why.

  4. Addition to Jim’s comment:
    It is standard to tip on the original value of the food and not the value after a coupon or timed special. Many people tend to ignore this and tip only on the amount spent.

    1. Way I was taught was that you tipped based on the value of the service received. Basic service got nothing – they’re doing what they were paid for, and not much else. Good service got a bit of a tip, great service got a great tip, particularly bad service got a sarcastic penny, or if particularly bad, a penny in a full glass of water upside down. A tip was a *GIFT*, not an obligation. Fuck the IRS for screwing it up.

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