2 thoughts on “Math Rage Comics (part 5)”

  1. I totally disagree with the rebuttal to the trollface proof. It’s not a question of countability vs uncountability, it’s that the arc length of the limit is NOT the limit of the arc lengths.
    The limit of the sequence of (piecewise linear) curves really *is* the circle, not just a countable approximation. But the limit of the length is not the length of the limit.

  2. Forever Alone Guy got the discrepancy wrong.
    107 boys and 100 girls
    For every 107 boys there are 100 girls, and for every 100 girls there are 107 boys.
    107/(107+100)=0.516908213 -> 51.6908213% boys
    100/(107+100)=0.483091787 -> 48.3091787% girls
    Check: 51.6908213+48.3091787=100
    For every 48.31 girls, there are 51.69 boys, so 51.6908213-48.3091787=3.3816426% of boys get no girls.
    3.3816426% of 6,697,254,041 = 226,477,196

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