Hidden Matlab Fun (Easter Eggs)

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Have some fun with Matlab today. Here are some easter eggs for the program (it may depend on your version, but all of these worked on mine).

Open the Matlab command window and type one of the following to get a nice surprise:

>> image
This one gives an image of a boy.

matlab image easter egg

>> spy
This one gives the classic spy vs spy picture.

matlab image easter egg

>> life
Simulation of Conway’s Game of Life.

matlab image easter egg

>> why
Alternatively type why(n), for some number n.

matlab image easter egg

>> penny
American penny.

matlab image easter egg

>> toilet
Simulation of a working toilet, haha.
Also try “shower”.

matlab image easter egg

6 thoughts on “Hidden Matlab Fun (Easter Eggs)”

  1. Just a heads up that the spy is now replaced with a dog image and the toilet seems to be missing in MATLAB 2011

  2. @ Emile Cantin
    I took the sound file and put it into an iterative loop, opened the file on a computer in my class, switched user so the song still played but no one can get in, and the song played the entire class.

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