Pi Day

Pi day theme song

Pi day theme song (to the tune of “Happy Birthday“) Happy Pi day to you, Happy Pi day to you, Happy Pi day everybody, Happy Pi day to you!Pi songs on youtube: Mathematical Pi Song Pi rap Pi Day Song (Lose Yourself in the Digits) Oh Number Pi – Song(to the tune of “Oh Christmas …

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Google celebrates pi day 2010

Today, March 14th, is pi day! I guess the non-geeks don’t celebrate pi day, but thankfully, Google is the king of geeks. Happy pi day everyone! You can see in Google’s “pi day logo” at their homepage has some famous formulas, including: the famous area of a circle formula: A = pi r^2 the function …

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Pi Day Magic – Sunday, March 14th, 2010

James (@jamesgrime) and Brian (@shwood) have a promo on youtube for an event coming up that they are doing right now!! They are attempting to perform the world’s largest mathematical magic trick on twitter. Visit their youtube video and “Pi Day Magic” for more information.

Pi Lullaby Song

Turil (via Reddit) created this “pi lullaby“, it’s pretty awesome! Turil says… “It’s an mp3 file that I hope works for you. I made it with my speech to text option on my Mac, using the Pipe Organ voice and text edit. I find it very relaxing…” Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5345582/piloveyoubyturil.mp3

pi song

*Listening to the pi song* It loops. I’ve been listening to it for 7 hours now. I don’t know pi yet. But the song just recites the first x digits of pi over and over and over. I also don’t know x. I think this song is slowly killing me.

Pi crop circles

You may have seen this already since it dates back to June 2008… But there was reports of a crop circle that represented the first 10 digits of pi (including the decimal point). Pictures below. Believers in aliens argue it was made by mathematically minded aliens… But of course, there is a super high probability …

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