Pi Day

Love is like pi

Love is also like pie: warm, you can’t have enough of it and you cook it in an oven for 30 minutes.

Pi Bread

That is amazing, I want the mold to make this bread for sure!

Fun pi facts

Using pi calculated out to only 39 decimal places would allow one to compute the circumference of the entire universe to the accuracy of less than the diameter of a hydrogen atom. 3.14 backwards is PIE. The letter Ï€ is the first letter of the Greek word “periphery” and “perimeter.” The symbol Ï€ in mathematics …

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Pi day links

Happy pi day all! Enjoy these pi links: Fun pi day puzzle (Take the Pi Day Challenge) Pi day wiki entry Previous MathFail post on memorizing pi Dinosaur comics pi day comic SMBC pi comic BrownSharpie pi comic archive Toothpaste for Dinner pi comic xwhy pi day comic Piday.org link Dark Pi Song Catchy Pi …

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Pi Mnemonics

Memorize some pi for pi day! Here are some Mnemonics to help you remember the digits of pi,which begin 3.1415926535897932384626433832795… Yes, I know a digit. May I draw a circle? Wow, I made a great discovery! Now I need a verse recalling pi. How I wish I could enumerate pi easily today. May I have …

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Pi day jokes

Some old pi related jokes that I’ve seen a bazillion times: Mathematician: Pi r squared Baker: No! Pie are round, cake are square! In Alaska, where it gets very cold, pi is only 3.00. As you know, everything shrinks in the cold. They call it Eskimo pi. A mathematician, a physicist, and an engineer are …

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