Math Puzzles

Brain teaser

My friend just finished a job interview and was asked the following question that I thought I’d share with you (it’s a somewhat common puzzle): You are given 8 balls, 7 of which are the same weight and 1 which is heavier than the rest. Using a balance, what is the minimum number of weightings …

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Making change

Consider the following hypothetical situation: You are a cashier and you have to give the customer $0.40 in change, however, you have no nickels left in your till. The goal is to minimize the number of coins that the customer receives. How do you do it? Well this actually happened, and the process the cashier …

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Topological Poker

This is interesting. RandomPairing over at the math subreddit listed some rules for a game called Topological Poker (aka Dicks and Hoes), which I assume he created himself. [I did a google search for “Topological Poker” and only got the subreddit, and then did a search for “Dicks and Hoes” and got a bunch of …

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