Math Puzzles

3 Hard Mathematical Riddles

Are you a good problem solver? Try to figure out what’s behind these riddles and write your answer in the comments section. 1. A group of prisoners are trapped in a forcefield. These prisoners are perfectly brave, meaning that they would attempt an escape on any positive probability of success. The prisoners are monitored by …

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Einstein’s Puzzle

This is the kid friendly version of Einstein’s puzzle. It is claimed that only 2% of the world population can solve the puzzle! (and Einstein supposedly invented the original puzzle, though I have my doubts). Suppose there are five houses of different colors next to each other on the same street. There are also five …

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Problem From Heck

This is a weekly “Problem From Heck” that has driven several high school teachers crazy. Try if you dare! Thanks to Gregory Tewksbury-Calculus Humor for this submission! Source: