Math on TV

Futurama Math Proof

In the Futurama episode The Prisoner of Benda Ken Keeler displays and proves an original theorem in order to advance the plot of the episode. In the episode, the professor invents a machine that swaps the minds of two people, but the swap can only happen once for a given pair of people. The problem …

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Futurama screencaps

The first image is “Klein’s Beer”, seen on the TV show, Futurama series 5, episode 3 : The Route of all Evil Seen next to “Olde Fortran Malt Liquour”:

Futurama math

The joke is… that both vans are the same number – there is no difference in what news channel you watch as they’re all the same (and irrational)!

Old School – math question

I just watched that movie called Old School (yes it’s from 2003). They had a nice math question during the movie. It was as follows: Which of the following is a generally accepted graphical technique for determining first order system parameters? a) Harriot’s method of solving cubicsb) Pythagorean triplets c) The migration method of graphing …

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