Math Mistakes in the News

“Mostly” isn’t most if you put “only” in front.

Some of the words were obscured here because the slightly NSFW nature of the subject matter distracts from the Math Fail. Refer to the original source if you’re not squeamish. Thanks to Anon. for this submission! Source:

Do the math!

Hawaii politician thinks she can divide by 0 Ironically, she tells us to “do the math”. Thanks to Bradford Blue for this submission! Source:

Units Matter

Thanks to yongoro for this math fail in the news: On Thursday’s Hardball, Chris Matthews preposterously insisted that Barack Obama added “only 13 people” to the federal workforce in 2009 and that the total number of individuals working for the U.S. government (as of 2010) was 4,443. According to the Office of Personnel Management (the …

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