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SMBC – Math exam question

Alt text: Graph jokes are this generation’s knowing how to draw Thanks to anonymouse for this submission! Source:

Top 10 list of geeky math comics / webcomics

I’m a math geek, so I enjoy reading the occasional comic strip that’s math-related. Here is my list of the top 10 webcomics/comics that I read on a regular basis: 1. Foxtrot – Surely, everyone knows this one. It occasionally has a lot of math humor but is currently on a Sunday only publication schedule. …

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“Dinner-Party Puzzle Fail” (starring Lewis Carroll)

Check out this math comic by Marek Bennett here (click the link): Dinner-Party Puzzle Fail It’s Lewis Carroll’s account of making a child cry at a dinner party… with a logic puzzle! Thanks to Marek Bennett for this submission! Source: