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Check out Dave’s blog ( which contains lots of math stuff (among other things). The tattoo feature earlier was actually his tattoo!! I don’t think I’d have the guts to do that.

Math Fail Stats 2010

Hi all, My math fail new years resolution for 2011 is to update MathFail a bit more often (compared to the past two months). Some statistics on for January 1st, 2010 – December 31st, 2010: There were a total of 772,865 pageviews. The top 3 pages visited were: In the glossary of a programming …

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Hot entries on MathFail

Hi Guys, Figured I would update you all on some of the best of the best posts on MathFail (organized by most recent): Beam me up! Wait… Aug 30, 2010 (5 out of 5 – 5 ratings)Geeky romance Aug 30, 2010 (5 out of 5 – 7 ratings)The classroom calculator Aug 29, 2010 (4.9 out …

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Defining Love

Over at MathNathan, Nathan tries to come up with a way to define love. It’s a quite interesting way to define “love”, something that is far from being trivial. He starts off with an axiom The rest of his post is at As for me, I love:

New features in Wolfram

As stated on the WolframAlpha blog, new features have been implemented: “You can ask directly for the probability of a full house or other common hands, as well as the probabilities of various outcomes when you play Powerball, roll two 12-sided dice, or repeat any sequence of trials with a 20% chance 4 times. … …

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Are people actually subscribed to my silly blog? The majority of traffic comes from google. The keywords “math fail” takes the lead followed by key phrases that have both “math” and “sex”. According to my search, some other site has the top position for math sex on google (without quotes)!! GRRRRrrrrrrrrrr…… I strive to be … Stats Read More »

How to make a chart

A nice flow chart on how to pick a chart. Created by Andrew Abela. Though the English version of this chart was posted in 2006, he just recently uploaded the chart in some other languages (for example french). Au revoir.