Cool Websites


Super cool website. Lets you draw symbols into a box and it’ll try to guess what the LaTeX code is!! The only problem I have with it right now, is that it’s rather slow generating the possible matches. If it could be lightning fast then it would be wayyy better 😀

Physics Games

Need to waste some time? This site has a crapload of games that involve concepts like gravity, projectiles, constructions, “destructions”, etc. So far, I’ve played Splitter, Superstacker, MagicPen 1 & 2, Top Figures, Insurgo, Demolition City 1 & 2, and 99 Bricks, among others. Of course the site didn’t make all these games, but …

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How to make a chart

A nice flow chart on how to pick a chart. Created by Andrew Abela. Though the English version of this chart was posted in 2006, he just recently uploaded the chart in some other languages (for example french). Au revoir.

FailAds is a site that has some funny pictures of advertisements. This particular one is someone looking for a math tudor: You can visit their site for a collection of other epic fail ads, funny pictures of Engrish, pwned, Tshirts, signs, magazine ads, instructions, packaging and lots more.