Spiked Math’s excuse guide to not doing your math homework

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(Comic version here)

1. Wolfram Alpha was down last night.

2. I got stuck in an infinite loop while using L’Hôpital’s rule.

3. I was computing the kernel of a matrix and got hungry for popcorn and ended up watching a movie instead.

4. I have a note from my doctor which proves I have dyscalculia.

5. I got an answer of 42 for every question.

6. I left it in the 11th dimension.

7. I already did it in a parallel universe.

8. My computer crashed while I was trying to calculate pi to the five trillion’th decimal place.

9. I started by doing 1/2 of my homework, then 1/4th of it, then 1/8th of it, then 1/16th of it… and am  still working on finishing it completely.

10. I lost my homework in a nullspace and can’t seem to find it.

11. My homework is isomorphic to Joe’s homework so just give me the same grade as him.

12. I did the first question and truncated the rest.

13. I was proving a ring was commutative and ended up watching LOTR all night.

14. I computed the inverse of a singular matrix and my homework blew up.