Biggest “but you’re wrong” moment?

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This one comes from the geek subreddit where user dzudz writes about his biggest “But you’re wrong! You have to believe me!” moment (only counting topics that are scientifically proven to be wrong, nothing up to interpretation):

“Oh god. This one still pains me. In a trivia contest with some of my co-workers, one of the questions was “What is pi to 5 decimal places?”. Easy – I immediately wrote 3.14159 on our answer sheet. Next question.

This is where it gets ugly. One member of our team was the ex-boss
of the company, an old loud guy used to getting his way. He scrubs out
my answer and imperiously announces that pi is 22 over 7, thank you very much.
I start to explain that this is not right, but ALL of my co-workers
have already whipped out their mobile phones and are dividing 22 by 7.

I try to explain that 22/7 is an approximation that you give to
young students to help them practice fractions, but to no avail. I even
resort to the “I teach maths and am way smarter than you” tactic but it
fails. Somebody writes down what 22/7 is, the ex-boss is smiling
triumphantly at me, and my horror is complete.

Postscript: To demonstrate his superiority, ex-boss then ‘overrules’
every answer I provide for the rest of the night in a similar fashion,
to the awe and accolades of the rest of the team, and we finish a
predictable dead last.”