Want an academic math job?

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Tom Hull has a great piece on job interview advice for academic type math jobs. He wrote it over 10 years ago but recently revised it two months ago. You can find his interview advice on his webpage.

There is a lot of articles out there written to help people get jobs and survive interviews, but this article is specific for math majors wanting to go into academics. It includes questions you should expect at an interview, questions you should ask, what to do after the interview, and how to prepare for it.
He also has a bit of salary and negotiation, which is very helpful. He suggests:
“I do recommend that, in pretty much all situations, you ask for a
higher salary during job offer negotiations … My reasons for
suggesting this are two-fold: … Most
faculty do not get paid enough, partly because Deans and Provosts are
supposed to keep salaries as low as possible. Asking for higher
salaries upon being hired helps “fight the good fight” in terms of
letting administrators know that we should all be paid more. But the
main reason to ask for more money is that this could be the ONLY
chance you’ll have to significantly increase your salary for a good,
long time. Most schools have very rigid policies for salary raises
… and
thus you might not see another significant rise until you get tenure
or promotion.”

So if you are looking for an academic job in mathematics, I highly recommend checking out his site for some tips.