Petals Around the Rose – Dice Game

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Play the game here: 



The number petals around the rose is:



  • Press the “Roll dice!” button to start.
  • Try and determine how many petals are around the rose.
  • Press the “Display Answer!” button to see if you are right.
  • Once you have figured it out, don’t spoil the fun for others!

Good Luck!
(some of you will need it, lol)

2 thoughts on “Petals Around the Rose – Dice Game”

  1. Petals Around the Rose SOLUTION
    The “rose” is the center dot on any face of a die that has one (1, 3 and 5) and the “petals” are all dots around it. So, the 1 die face has no petals, the 3 die face has two petals and the 5 die face has four petals. The dice faces without center dots (2, 4 and 6) do not count since they don’t have a “rose”. Counting the total petal dots yields the number of petals around the rose.

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