9 thoughts on “How to label the 13th floor”

  1. Except that the absolute value is unnecessary, the square root of 169 is 13, it can’t be -13, otherwise square root wouldn’t be a function.
    So the joke is more of a fail.

        1. Negative numbers can be roots. There is no general requirement that the square root operator has to be a function. You can declare it to be a function by restricting the domain to positive numbers, or you can put the absolute value sign in. Either way works. But the original commenter who wrote root(169) did neither, so unqualified, BOTH -13 and 13 are roots of 169.

    1. BtaylorTheRogue

      I’m not great at math, but I don’t think square root IS a function, strictly speaking. . . or at least not a simple function (if simple function is a thing that exists).

      Also, lolwut?

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