Funny Student Moments #2

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When I was around 12 years old I had to give a presentation on why drugs are bad.

I was already pretty nervous presenting in front of the whole class, but I start by describing marijuana and saying how it can make you “spaced out” and then say something like “heyyyyyy dudessssssssssss” giving my best impression of someone who was stoned.

Then the teacher says “Oh that just seems like how your normally act all the time.”

Most of the class laughs at this, and now I’m pissed that here I am already nervous about giving a presentation and the teacher is dissing me in front of the whole class.

So after the laughter dies down I say “The next drug is LSD, this is a drug that can cause hallucinations, and for you to believe in and say things that are totally unreal and untrue.” Then I pause dramatically for a moment, turn towards the teacher, and totally deadpan “You look like you’ve lost a lot of weight Mrs. Patterson.”


This lasted for around 5 minutes during which time the teacher could not regain control of the class. It was actually pretty awkward everyone was just laughing and laughing and I was still standing up at the front of the class because I’m still in the middle of the presentation. I felt kind of bad for the teacher because the laughter went on for so long, but Jesus Christ I’m 12 years old and doing public speaking, maybe next time you won’t heckle your own students.

I didn’t get in trouble, I think the teacher was just like “touche.”


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