Hilarious Class Story #5

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Everyone has at least one fun hilarious class story, but this one will make you reevaluate yours.

Towards the end of my senior year of high school we were watching a movie in Forensics class so all the lights were off. My friend Joey and I were sitting in the back corner talking while he was bouncing this ping pong ball he had taken from the tables in the commons area. I said “You know, those are really flammable.” and he goes, “Really? Huh.” He then proceeds to casually reach into his pocket, pull out a lighter and light the ping pong ball while holding it. The ball bursts into bright orange flames lighting up the whole back of the classroom. He drops it, of course. Tries to step on it to put it out but his foot only hits the edge of it sending it towards me, I kick it back to him while we both scramble to put it out until he finally manages to stomp on it. The entire class has turned around to see this of course and the substitute teacher yells, “What the hell was that?!” and Joey, in full poker face, says “What fire?” while I’m laughing my ass off. I have no idea how we didn’t end up in any sort of trouble for that one.