Funniest Thing a Professor Has Said In Class Compliation #2

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Professors say the darnedest things, don’t they? Check out these hilarious stories and post your own!

My professor turned to us one day and said, “You know, I’ve made more money off of Kafka’s writings than he ever did. Perverse, isn’t it?”

Phone goes off in the middle of a psych professor’s lecture. “If that’s your mother tell her I’ll call her back later.”

First day of class. “I should tell you guys, a couple years ago they had some people do a study on how well we teach. They said I’m great, but my voice has a tendency to make homosexuals fall asleep.”

Operating Systems Professor, Rutgers University, 1998, first day or class:

“Now I’m not guaranteeing anything. . . But statistically speaking, every student who has brought me beer, has received an A.”

I got an A.

A bottle falls off of a desk, hits the ground and my professor declares, “IS THIS A GRAVITY ROOM AND NO ONE TOLD ME!?”