Hilarious Class Story #2

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This is my uncle’s story, not my own: He’s a doctor and teaches med-school. One day he was running late for a lecture in a big, ~250 person auditorium. He walks in the door and everyone is already sitting down waiting for him, so he starts trying to get down to the stage quickly, when he trips and falls all the way to the bottom of the stairs. There’s a collective gasp and kids are starting to get up to help him, but without losing a beat he gets up and starts walking up to the stage. As he’s walking up, he gives a double-take look at his audience, pretending to be surprised that they’re staring at him and says “What? That’s how I like taking the stairs!” The place erupted in laughter and applause, after which he gave his hour-and-a-half lecture.

Then he drove himself to the hospital, because he’d broken his wrist.