Crank Mathematics Ideas

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Did you know that Pi is actually 3.125, and not 3.14? If this so called fact surprises you, so will the rest of the mathematical statements you will find on

The Exact Value for Pi 2005 Feb 12
     … mathematics “The correct value is 3.125.

Zim Mathematics 2005 Oct 07
     … mathematics “Zim’s Philosophy on Mathematics – ‘All Mathematics is equal. I have nothing against Mathematics, just how it is taught . I have a problem with how Mathematics is taught in the schools where Mathematics and their Axioms are represented as Universal Truths.”

Division By Zero 2005 Jul 02
     … mathematics “There seems to be a problem. Many people still do not understand the meaning, the value, and the use of zero. In this day and age of high tech we still revert to this ancient myth that division by zero is some sort of error. Conceived and printed in the days when they thought the earth was flat, our early mathematicians created a mathematical error that has lasted for centuries and may last for eternity.”