Funniest Thing a Professor Has Said In Class Compilation #1

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If you’re stuck in class, you might as well have some fun in the meantime. Check out these funny lines professors have said:

My astronomy prof. had a slideshow about the creation of the universe (at .0001 seconds this happened, at .001 seconds, etc.) and the last slide was “Billions of years later, an intelligent species evolved and started asking questions.”

Well a brilliant girl by the (legal) name of Cookie raises her hand and asks, “Are we the intelligent species?”

And the prof, without missing a beat, replies, “Apparently not.”

We had to pair up for a partner project. However, there was an odd number of people.

“Well…I guess you three that are left are going to have to have a threesome. Are you ok with that?”


“Alright, good. Just be sure to send me the video. You’re all 18, right?”

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain responsible for the four F’s: feeding, fleeing, fighting, and mating.


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