Sit-com houses

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Their interior designer has his work cut out for him.

4 thoughts on “Sit-com houses”

  1. Because most of the work of interior design is figuring out which room goes where?

    Heck, real interior designers generally don’t get to choose which room is the living room or kitchen, that’s usually set when the house is designed and built. It would cost a lot of money to switch them and make them work well.

  2. Does this really tell us anything? I suppose it tells us bedrooms don’t usually abut the kitchen or that the bathroom is never in the middle of the kitchen or living room.

  3. Welllll, I hardly know anything about any of these sitcoms, but I do distinctly remember in later seasons Fonzy moved into a guest room in the main family’s house in Happy Days, and was that guest room above the kitchen or am I just imagining that? Anyway, simplified chart is simplified.

  4. @Xamuel: Fonzie had an apartment on top of the Cunninghams’ detached garage.

    Others I remember…
    Andy Griffith – LK
    Friends – KL (girls) and LK (guys)
    Seinfeld – LK
    Mork & Mindy – KL
    I think Laverne & Shirley was KL

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