Tide goes in, tide goes out

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O’Reilly proves the existence of God once again.

2 thoughts on “Tide goes in, tide goes out”

  1. uum, the answer is 288… I don’t see how this is an oreilly fail…

    clearly is 48 / 2 = x
    x*(9+3)= 288
    why is this a fail? Could it be, math-fail, just failed ??? 🙂

    if it was written 48/(2*(9+3)) then ofc, the answer would differ…

  2. well, the thing is some people with less mathmatical knowledge will go straight to the parenthesis, the multiply 12 with two and THEN divide 48 by 24, giving and answer of 2.
    That, of course, is trivial maths, and, just as much as “tide goes in, tide goes out”, it is pretty much explainable xD

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