New Domain

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UPDATE: We moved to so please update your bookmarks accordingly.
If you are subscribed to the feedburner url, then you don’t have to change anything!

Sorry if I messed up your feed (in google reader it showed 99 unread items after moving the feed)! Sorry sorry sorry!

I wanted to move the site over to WordPress [WP] (from Movable Type [MT]) and the easiest way to do this was just to use a new domain. Other sites (like Spiked Math) use the code and content management system from as their backend, and although technically I could have both WP and MT installed on, some problems did arise.

What does this mean? It means MORE updates!! Now that it’s easier for me to update (almost trivial actually) you should be seeing multiple daily updates for Math-Fail in the near future. It also means you can easily submit your OWN posts to Math-Fail to be published! Just click the submit button at the top.