Can’t argue with that!

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6 thoughts on “Can’t argue with that!”

  1. Only correct if you are using the mathematical number designation of “four-point-one.” If instead it is the computer version designation of “four-dot-one,” then it is perfectly acceptable; in that case, the “dot” simply denotes a separation between major and minor versions.
    This is not, of course, to say that the entire curriculum itself is not a worthless pile of detritus…

  2. Unfortunately, it is, and I’m rather surprised that the kid knows that much about math.
    My brother is in 6th grade and they’re sorting fractions. FRACTIONS. I remember doing those in, oh, FOURTH GRADE, before my district adopted EM.

  3. I write for a high school curriculum, and we had the same complaint. From teachers.
    But seriously, what should it be instead of 4.10? 4-10 would just get complained about sooner (the lessons are in reverse order!) and 4J sounds bad (worse is the letter conversion of 4.16). Maybe we should have used Roman numerals.

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