Be smart… stay up late!

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One study by researchers looks at how starting a bit later in the morning can improve the performance by students. The study’s lead author is a pediatrician at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, and concludes that:

“Giving teens 30 extra minutes to start their school day leads to
more alertness in class, better moods, less tardiness, and even
healthier breakfasts…”

Another (different) study links IQ to sleep schedule. They find that night owls are smarter than other people.

Bedtimes and wake-up times for Americans in their 20s by IQ:

Very Dull (IQ < 75)
Weekday: 11:41 P.M.-7:20 A.M.
Weekend: 12:35 A.M.-10:09 A.M.

Normal (90 < IQ < 110)
Weekday: 12:10 A.M.-7:32 A.M.
Weekend: 1:13 A.M.-10:14 A.M.

Very Bright (IQ > 125)
Weekday: 12:29 A.M.-7:52 A.M.
Weekend: 1:44 A.M.-11:07 A.M.

They claim that:
“The modern world contains many features our slow-to-evolve brains still find unfamiliar–cars, TVs, hot dogs on a stick. But the world has always thrown new stuff at us, and brighter humans may adapt more ably.”