pi percent of 1337

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pi percent of 1337

It all makes sense now 😛

See this forum post on Kongregate where Yllier explains that:

“Today I was playing with a calculator and found out that Pi, 1337 and 42 are all related. Well, kinda.
3.1415 × 13.37 = 42.001855
Or you can do division
42.001855 / 13.37 = 3.14.15
I just made my day.”

2 thoughts on “pi percent of 1337”

  1. I found this amusing, even if it’s rounding. After all, both 42 and 1337 are geek-related numbers and to find that there’s a relationship between them that yields a number close to pi is just too cool. Yes, there are infinite numbers out there, but there aren’t infinite *geeky* numbers out there.
    Anyway, I reddit-ed the page. So far, it got 12 up votes and 13 down votes. It made it to the front page of the math sub-reddit, and is #1 under Controversial. And it even spawned a response thread.
    Good job.

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