Topological Poker

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This is interesting. RandomPairing over at the math subreddit listed some rules for a game called Topological Poker (aka Dicks and Hoes), which I assume he created himself. [I did a google search for “Topological Poker” and only got the subreddit, and then did a search for “Dicks and Hoes” and got a bunch of dirty sites but no poker ones.]

RandomPairing explains…

There are four ranks of cards, instead of the usual 13. Instead of 2 through Ace, cards are ranked according to the topological classification of their symbol … 2,3,5,7,J,K all have the same property that they can be deformed into a dot or line. These are the lowest ranked cards. In fact, by themselves they’re worth dick–hence the name for these cards.

4,6,9,A are topologically the same as a ‘o’, and hence are called holes, ohs, or–if you can get away with it–hoes. These are the second ranked cards in ascending order.

10 is in a class by itself because it’s a combination of a dick and a hoe, so it’s called a Split, and is third ranked.

8,Q are topologically the same because of the way the Q is made on cards, with the slash going all the way across and creating two holes. This is the highest rank–the double hoe, or just double.

Go to the reddit link to find out the rules of play.