Lord of the Rings Math

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gandolf balrog math

This is too good not to post! Someone made it and posted it on facebook and I saved it to my computer. I can’t seem to find the link to where it was posted though :-(.. and I can’t find any websites that have the image 🙁

13 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Math”

  1. Writing it in English is just as correct as writing it in mathematical notation. Yes, it’s bad practice, but it’s no less right.

  2. no it’s actually wrong
    the domain should be: [-inf,gandalf]u[gandalf,+inf]
    and the range should be: [-inf,inf]
    the picture shows a vertical asymptote. this is related to domain values, not range values. if it were a horizontal asymptote, then it would be in respect to the range.

  3. Hoooooooly cow, I drew this my senior year of high school, way back in 2009. I never thought I’d see it again. Damn.

  4. Nerd out time
    This wouldn’t actually be x^balrog
    It would actually be f(x)=(-balrog/(x-2)) or maybe tangent(balrog*(x-c))
    where b is the distance from the Y axis of the asymptote.
    and c is |b-pi/2|

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