Happy math new years!

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I saw this on facebook:

MP is going to make exactly one new year’s resolution:
“I will break every new year’s resolution that I make for this year.”

New years math comics:

spiked math

Some more mathie new years comics:

TiMES 2009 Monoid of the Year (via Brown Sharpie)

Happy New Year 2010!
(via (x, why?))

Future Light Cone (via Abstruse Goose)

Some discussions on the number 2010:

Happy 2*3*5*(7+11+13+17+19) everyone! (via Reddit)

So what’s interesting about 2010? (via 360)

2010 Properites (via Wolfram|Alpha)

2010 (via Number Gossip)

Facts about the number 2010 (via Walking Randomly)

HAPPY 2 x 3 x 5 x 67! Let The “Problems” Begin! (via MathNotations)

2010 Mathematics Game (via Let’s Play Math)