Brown Sharpie Kinda Quits

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The world of math humor lost an important contributor today. The creator of Brown Sharpie “kinda quits” and instead of entertaining us, would rather drink beer and play with fuzzy kitties. Arrg!

Brown Sharpie is/was one of my favorite comics (easily making my personal top 5 list). I wish Courtney all the best for her future endeavors, grad school, beer drinking, and kittie playing.
I’m impressed with how long she lasted and hopefully after a short break she’ll back with a brand new set of brown sharpies.

From the site:

“I quit (kinda)!

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and I have a lot of good reasons: I’m not having fun anymore, three times a week is too often, I’m not really all that funny, I’m not that much of an artist, my mom is starting to understand too much math because of this comic, etc. So for now, I’ve decided to let my Brown Sharpie pursue other hobbies while I focus on things that make me happy (like grad school! and beer! and fuzzy kitties!).”

brown sharpie