Best of MLIA

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My Life Is Average (MLIA) is a site where you can submit average things that happened to you. Here are some of my favorites:

Today, I got the results of a math test. One of the answers was (2, infinity), and on the side I wrote “and beyond!” I got extra credit. MLIA

Today, we were taking a math test when someone’s cell phone rang. It was dead silent
as we heard, “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…” Everyone looked around to see whose phone it was. It was my teacher’s. My teacher is a man. MLIA

Today, we got our math tests back after being graded. One of my answers I knew was
wrong, so I had drawn a stick figure next to it with the caption “this is a ninja in
disguise. He is here to guard my answer from the Red Pen.”. Next to my answer my
teacher wrote “you need a new ninja.” He had graded my test in blue. MLIA.

“Today, on MSN, I mistyped something to my boyfriend: I said, ‘You’re such an angle,’
but I meant ‘angel’. Without missing a beat, he replied ‘Aww, you’re so acute. MLIA.”

Today, in my calculus class, I sat like normal listening to the lecture and taking
notes. Out of nowhere, I get passed a note from the guy next to me. The paper was
covered with drawings ranging from flowers to aliens and at the top it said, “Everyone
draw something.” The note went around the room multiple times. Glad to know I’m not
the only one bored in calculus. MLIA.

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