Sweet story about a math teacher who teaches for free

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This is a very sweet story that appeared in the LA times.
It’s about this math teacher named Bruce Kravets (aged 66) who after he retired, decided to stay as a teacher and teach for free. He’s the kind of teacher you remember the rest of your life.

mornings a week, Bruce Kravets, 66, puts on a coat and tie, straps on
his helmet and bikes to work at Palms Middle School on L.A.’s Westside,
where he teaches math. For free.

[…] Kravets dwells unself-consciously in his own horn-rimmed
universe of equations filled with Xs and Ys, his hair curled by the
heat of his passion for problem-solving.

Students last week sat transfixed as Kravets scribbled on an
overhead projector […] There was no fidgeting, giggling or texting.
Kravets would call on a student and ask him or her to state aloud how
to solve a problem, and he would stick with that student until there
was complete understanding. He told me he’s always taught by the
Socratic method, believing that the process is as important as the
right answer.

Now if only every teacher had his enthusiasm for math.