Pi crop circles

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You may have seen this already since it dates back to June 2008… But there was reports of a crop circle that represented the first 10 digits of pi (including the decimal point). Pictures below.

crop circle

crop circle

Believers in aliens argue it was made by mathematically minded aliens… But of course, there is a super high probability it wasn’t.

One thing is that it is in base 10. If aliens made it, why would they use base 10 unless they have been studying our race for a long time. In which case, why would they leave silly circles in random fields? Also, the smart aliens live in England, since these kinds of mathematical crop circles have appeared there a few times.

2 thoughts on “Pi crop circles”

  1. But we emphatize the agony of those who find it impossible to imagine that there ever was any aliens. We really feel the pain of those who desperately want to prove the one outstanding truth of our beloved loneliness. Our numerical system with all the little decimals and zeros is adopted from the aliens, not our own invention. What were we, but silly lil monkeys, dropped from our trees, having a tailcut for far-right safety-politics. Earthlings with no roots up or down. Dreamcast creatures dying in the lack of imagination they´d like to pull you all down the severs of humanity. No, let us figure out a different story, these apegone no-life things jumping on the shame should surely be put to miserable death, by never have existed reasons, but let the elohim reign the heavens.

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