New Numb3rs season starts Friday!

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The sixth season will premiere Friday, September 25.

Numb3rs an American television drama, which premiered on January 23, 2005, on CBS. The series was created by Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton and follows FBI Special Agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) and his mathematical genius brother, Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz), who helps Don solve crimes for the FBI. Numb3rs is produced by brothers Ridley and Tony Scott and its production company is Scott Free Productions and CBS Television Studios.

The show focuses equally on the relationships between Don Eppes, his
brother Charlie Eppes and their father, Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch), and
on the brothers’ efforts to fight crime, normally in Los Angeles. A
a typical episode begins with a crime, which is subsequently investigated
by a team of FBI agents led by Don and mathematically described by
Charlie, with the help of Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol) and Amita
Ramanujan (Navi Rawat). The insights provided by Charlie’s mathematics
are always in some way crucial to solving the crime.

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