Top 8 math halloween costumes

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So, what are the top “mathie” halloween costumes? I’m glad you asked!! In order of operations, they are:

1. Mathematician

* Note: Only 56% of mathematicians look like the above.

2. Mathemagician

* For my first trick, I’m going to predict what 1+1 is!

3. Math Knot

* Not really a knot since his head isn’t attached to his feet.

4. Kittetraderon

* This is a costume for your kitty!

5. Math Teacher

* Caution: Wearing this shirt doesn’t make you good at math.

6. Rubik’s Cube

* The real puzzle is in his pants.

7. Math Sports Fans

* Go as a group, otherwise you look like a moron with a giant A on your chest (unless your name is Alex).

8. Pumpkin Pi

* Edit: I have just recently learned that the above man was not dressed up for Halloween and was actually wearing his “everyday clothes”. I’d like to officially apologize for this mistake.