Math cheat sheets

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People love to cheat at math for some reason (laziness? lack of understanding? failure to get help?)… anyways, here are some math cheat sheets you can use from different websites:

The first one is about algebra, it has 23 pages filled with formulas:
Algebra Notes

The next one is much shorter about algebra again (4 pages): Algebra Cheat Sheet.
This next one is calculus:
Calculus Cheat Sheet (6 pages of Calc notes).

For computer science formulas see Computer Science Cheat Sheets. (10 pages)

For Geometry you can look at the Geometry Fact Sheet.

The next one is: Astrophysics and more.
This one has a bunch regarding calc, multivariable calculus cheat
sheets, physics, quantum mechanics, optics, astrophysics, relativity,
and more more more!! You can view / save as a jpg and print 😀

For more physics / calc you can look at these ones:Physic and Calculus Cheat Sheets (zip files for easy download).

And finally some trig here: Trigonometry Cheat Sheet .