Google suggest fail

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This is just a small collection of some funny google suggestions.

The first one is “how to make”… ummm…

So I started off looking on tips on “how to find a job” but while typing that I
got distracted and ended up surfing a bunch of websites on how to …

This got me curious as to what would show up with “how do i tell my boy”:

and compare it to “how do i tell my girl”:

Not very funny… so I decided to get creative and see what people get caught doing…

dad with my gf? that doesn’t sound good at all!

guitarist? wait… what?

The following one I’ve seen somewhere else…

What about chinese people though? Seems like they like to eat things…

Then I got bored of this…. but apparently instead of being bored, i’m actually EXTREMELY terrified of chinese people… probably because they eat babies lol.

Also, my grandma is pregnant… oh dear….

I don’t even want to click on the next one (video link??) Oh dear oh dear:

omg i just…

And how does this even happen? my little brother…

“what”…. it’s a simple word… but gives a strange result:

Also, for some strange reason my son is addicted to … you’ll never guess!!

However, according to google my daughter isn’t addicted to anything… that doesn’t seem fair!!

6 thoughts on “Google suggest fail”

  1. Actually, a diaper cake isn’t that funny if you know what it is…hopefully you researched it while googling it. It’s actually a stack of diapers, blankies, toys, etc. that you piece together to look like a cake and give at a baby shower.

  2. NO!We Chinese NEVER eats ANY BABIES!I’m Chinese from Northeast China . And NO people in ANY part of China had EVER eaten something like a CHILD!!

  3. Surely in an ancient Mythology ,a Chinese monk went to India to find knowledge and wisdom ,and during his journey someone offered him a kind of fruit shaped like babies.But he didn’t have it.

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