First Annual Special Mathlympics to be hosted by Canada in 2012

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What is it?
Special Mathlympics is an annual event with the main goal of stimulating interest and igniting passion in mathematics!

Who can participate?
The competition is open to people of all ages who are special (in the sense that they are mathematically challenged).

When/where is it?
On March 14th, 2010, the very first Special Mathlympics will take place in Toronto, Ontario. The Special Mathlympics occur every year! The host city for 2011 will be Paris, France.

Schedule of events:
Day 1: Addition
Day 2: Subtraction
Day 3: Multiplication
Day 4: Puzzles

On day 4, teams will answer tough mathematical puzzles like the famous Moomahata bird problem:

  • Suppose Moomahata has 3 birds and Meemahata has 2 birds. One the birds that Meemahata has is named Moomahata and the other is named Meemahata. The birds that Moomahata have are named: Meemahata, Moomahata, Meomahata. Suppose that Moomahata has $7 per bird and the bird named Moomahata has $2 per Meemahata. If Meemahata has $3 per bird and an additional $1 per Meemahata, then how much money does the bird Meemahata that is owned by Moomahata have?

Register your team TODAY for the chance to win the world title!

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