Calculator for grades K-3

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This calculator is perfect for all those kindergartners who need to do some math… quoted from the website:

The TI-10 is perfect for the primary grades. It combines popular
features of the TI-15 Explorerâ„¢, which makes it a unique tool for
grades K-3. The TI-10’s comfortable, colorful design helps students
find patterns in daily activities and helps educators reinforce math
concepts in all elementary subjects.

Please, please, pleaseeee don’t let kids that young use calculators!!
And if they do, only let them use it to check their answers.

Say you have two kids who have to add up the numbers from 1 to 100. The calculator kid would use his monkey sticks calculator and plug away at it. The non-calculator kid would hopefully come up with a thoughtful solution to the problem (sound familiar?) 😀

I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s computer age now. Lots of grade 9
students can’t even properly WRITE their own name! They never ever have
to write (and rarely sign forms), and only learned to properly write in
grade 3 (the curriculum was set to focus more on teaching kids
computers). Oh monkey sticks, what will we do ^_^

3 thoughts on “Calculator for grades K-3”

  1. You may be being a little optimistic here, unless by “thoughtful” you mean “the second coming of Gauss”. My emory of that story is that although Gauss worked out how to sum an arithmetic series, all of his classmates just started adding. And it’s not as if they had calculators.

  2. it’s not the second coming of gauss, I know several people who thought of it. it’s clever, but not a sign of supreme genius.

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